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Dec 2   12:00 PT, Computational Imaging of the Black Hole at the Center of our Galaxy, Grundfest Lectures in Computational Imaging [Zoom]

Dec 13 16:00 London, Computational Imaging for Scientific Discovery: From Cloud Physics to Black Hole Dynamics, LIV.INNO Seminar Series on Data Intensive Science [Registration]


Feb 5  Next Generation Black-Hole Imaging: Beyond a 2D Image, Invited talk at BASP Frontiers, Switzerland 



Nov 3   Weizmann Vision and AI Seminar

Nov 2   Technion Pixel Club Seminar

Oct 13  Imperial College London EE Seminar


Sep 20 How novel imaging algorithms could reveal new structures around the black hole in our galactic centerPurdue Computational Imaging Seminar, [Recording

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