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Jun 17   Computer Vision for Science workshop @ CVPR 2027


Sep 18   Physics Constrained Neural Fields for 3D Imaging in Astronomy, Bay Area Computer Vision Day, Stanford, CA

May 22   Cosmic Connections: A ML X Astrophysics Symposium at Simons Foundation

Mar 07   NYU | Courant CS Colloquium

Feb 05   Next Generation Black-Hole Imaging: Beyond a 2D Image, Invited talk at BASP Frontiers, Switzerland 


Dec 13   Computational Imaging for Scientific Discovery: From Cloud Physics to Black Hole Dynamics, LIV.INNO Seminar Series on Data Intensive Science [Recording]

Dec 02   Grundfest Lectures in Computational Imaging

Nov 03   Weizmann Vision and AI Seminar

Nov 02   Technion Pixel Club Seminar

Oct 13    Imperial College London EE Seminar

Sep 20   How novel imaging algorithms could reveal new structures around the black hole in our galactic centerPurdue Computational Imaging Seminar, [Recording

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