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Joining the group

I am working to build a group and a community centered around the interdisciplinary space of computational imaging for science. I'm excited to join and expand the Toronto Computational Imaging Group together with Kyros Kutulakos and David Lindell. I'm looking for students and postdocs interested in working on challenges imaging problems in science.

Sample research topics I'm interested in:

 - Solving non-linear inverse problems from observations.

 - Discovering governing equations from data.

 - Accelerating scientific simulations with machine learning.

How to tell if I am the right fit for you?

   1. You're interested in the intersection of AI and physics

   2. You want to solve challenging computational imaging problems in science!

   3. You are excited to embrace interdisciplinary research and dive into a new world of concepts.

Graduate Students
Apply directly to the CS department, list me in your application, and explain how our research interests are aligned.

Reach out directly via email.

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